Friday Word Scramble


This week’s puzzle is a word scramble. Beneath are the jumbled names of 4 major cities from around the world, followed by the nation where they’re located. Your job is to unscramble them. For instance, “IALM, EURP” would be “Lima,

Why Travel Boycotts are a Negative Concept


travel related protest
Recently, Mississippi and North Carolina both passed anti-LGBT laws, and several vacationers, bloggers, and celebrities promptly stated, “Well, as a sign of protest, I will not go there since I don’t want to help a state whose laws I disagree …

A Sanders Comeback Would Be Unprecedented


Dear democratic socialists, political revolutionaries, Bern-feelers at large: We need to have to have a talk.

Let me start by saying that I bear no ill will towards Mr. Sanders. Nothing at all that follows must be misconstrued as an …

Leading Travel Stories of the Week


Catch up on some of the more interesting travel news and features of the past week.

suitcase with tea kettle on top

Cheese, Miso and Tea Bags: The ‘Must-Pack’ Items Travelers Around the World Always Pack
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently revealed she never leaves home …

Michelle Obama in the Fourth Quarter


Regardless of the festive occasion, Michelle Obama was obtaining worked up. In her commencement speech Saturday at Jackson State University, a historically black school in Mississippi’s capital city, the Very first Lady assured graduates that she knows how hard it