Why Young Democrats Adore Bernie Sanders


MERRIMACK, N.H. — Maybe the most eye-popping statistic to come out of last week’s Iowa caucuses was Bernie Sanders’s overwhelming benefit among young voters. According to the Iowa entrance poll, Sanders beat Hillary Clinton 84 % to 14 % amongst …

Friday Word Scramble


We’re introducing a new type of puzzle this week: a word scramble. Under are the scrambled names of 4 main cities from about the planet, followed by the country where they’re positioned. Your job is to unscramble them. For instance,

The Super Bowl Promotes War

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By David Swanson, teleSUR

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Super Bowl 50 will be the initial National Football League championship to happen since it was reported&#13 that considerably of the pro-military hoopla at football games, the honoring

Prime Travel Stories of the Week


meroe pyramids sudanWhat travel news have you missed this week? Catch up with our list of the week’s ideal stories.

The Pyramids Couple of Vacationers Have Ever Seen
Did you know that Sudan has a lot more pyramids than Egypt? This photo